Same Day Delivery Service

Same Day Delivery Service

Same Day Delivery Service, or Same Day Pallet Delivery Service, means that we can collect from any company site (Warehouse) and location in the United Kingdom where we promise to load your consignment within 1-hour of your initial enquiry and we ensure that your goods will reach their destination directly from A to B in a dedicated vehicle in the same day.

Our company has the most diverse sizes of vehicles ranging from small vans to 44 Tonne Lorry and we provide a fast, reliable and professional service delivering 24 /7 around the UK and Europe.

We offer Same Day Delivery Service for a number of items or goods, from printed goods to manufactured parts, from exhibition stands to items straight from the site to waiting for production lines.

Does your company need Same Day Pallet Delivery Service?

Same day Pallet delivery Service is a possibility, offered by companies, to send and receive orders within 24 hours immediately after being requested.

Too good to be true? Believe us, this kind of service happens more and more often and our company is ready to serve your customers with this type of delivery service.

The operation of the Same Day Pallet Delivery Service is very simple and this type of service is generally available seven days a week.


Advantages of Same Day Palley Delivery

Your customers don’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t want to either. In addition to increasing your customers’ satisfaction, the Same Day Pallet Courier Service also has other advantages for your company such as:

• Less than half of companies offer this convenience to customers. Adopting Same Day Pallet Delivery Service can set you apart from the competition and establish a very important competitive advantage in your industry.

• Offering Same Day Pallet Delivery Service is, above all, a business opportunity. Some products need to be delivered urgently and you can focus on serving these specific segments.

• Implementing Same Day Pallet Delivery Service in your company can help you reduce late delivery complaints, therefore increasing the possibility of selling more!


Trusting Your Same Day Pallet Courier

When your company offers Same Day Pallet Delivery Service, claims for late delivery are considerably reduced and customers feel that your business cares about them and this can affect their trust in your business.

With the “New Normal” knocking on our door, businesses with loyal customers cannot, and should not, expect orders to be delivered late but when the product is ready and packaged for shipment.

From your company’s warehouse to your customer’s door, Same Day Pallet Delivery Service helps customers get what they need, or want, in a matter of hours.

Offering this type of convenience service is a key element to your company’s success.


Choose Frex for you Same Day Pallet Delivery

Always remembering that at Frex Logistics we have the best logistical solution for your company and we can be collecting your delivery in an average time of 1 hour across the United Kingdom.

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