Same Day Delivery Service

Same Day Delivery Service

Same Day Courier Delivery Service means that we can collect from any company site (Warehouse) and location in the United Kingdom where we will do everything possible to load your shipment within 1 hour of your purchase order (PO) and ensure that your goods arrive at your destination directly from A to B in a dedicated vehicle on the same day.

Our company has the most diverse sizes of vehicles and we now operate everything from small vans to 40 ft Artic units providing a fast, reliable and professional service delivering 24 /7 around the UK and Europe.

We offer Same Day Delivery Service for a number of items or goods, from printed goods to manufactured parts, from exhibition stands to items straight from the site to waiting for production lines.

Does your company need Same Day Pallet Delivery Service?

Same day Pallet delivery Service is a possibility, offered by companies, to send and receive orders within 24 hours immediately after being requested.

Too good to be true? Believe us, this kind of service happens more and more often and our company is ready to serve your customers with this type of delivery service.

The operation of the Same Day Pallet Delivery Service is very simple and this type of service is generally available seven days a week.


Advantages of Same Day Pallet Delivery

Your customers don’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t want to either. In addition to increasing your customers’ satisfaction, the Same Day Pallet Courier Service also has other advantages for your company such as:

• Less than half of companies offer this convenience to customers. Adopting Same Day Pallet Delivery Service can set you apart from the competition and establish a very important competitive advantage in your industry.

• Offering Same Day Pallet Delivery Service is, above all, a business opportunity. Some products need to be delivered urgently and you can focus on serving these specific segments.

• Implementing Same Day Pallet Delivery Service in your company can help you reduce late delivery complaints, therefore increasing the possibility of selling more!


Trusting Your Same Day Pallet Courier

When your company offers Same Day Pallet Delivery Service, claims for late delivery are considerably reduced and customers feel that your business cares about them and this can affect their trust in your business.

With the “New Normal” knocking on our door, companies with loyal customers cannot, and should not, expect orders to be delivered late once the product is ready and packed for shipment. Therefore all orders become a priority and customer satisfaction is the key differentiator in this very competitive market.

From your company’s warehouse to your customer’s door, Same Day Pallet Delivery Service helps customers get what they need, or want, in a matter of hours.

Offering this type of convenience service is a key element to your company’s success.


Choose Frex for you Same Day Pallet Delivery

Always remembering that at Frex Logistics we have the best logistical solution for your company and we can be collecting your delivery in an average time of 1 hour across the United Kingdom.

Ask to speak to one of our advisors TODAY!

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As the name implies, it works so that the collection and delivery are done on the same day.

Our company is prepared to offer the Same Day Delivery Service as soon we receive your enquiry.

To your pallet, or load, to be collect and delivered at the same day, you will need to enquiry with the Full Details (collection postcode, delivery postcode and vehicle size) so our driver can be as fast, accurate and he won’t waste any time.

Same Day Delivery Service is always available as soon you book through one of our contact channels as our website (, or by email (, our on our National Helpline Phone Number (03333-442972). We are at your disposal 24 hours and 7 days a week to better meet your company’s logistical needs.

Now that you know what is Same Day Delivery Service and how this delivery service works in practice, check out some of the main important advantages:

1 – More convenience – Customers from your company now have much more convenience knowing that they will receive their order on the Same Day that they had purchase an order — or at the latest on the next day.

2 – Increases Customer Retention – Considering that delivery time is one of the most critical elements for customer satisfaction, Same Day Delivery Service is capable of producing significant improvements in the customer retention.

3 – Increases Brand Confidence – By efficiently meeting such a short delivery time, your company certainly scores a lot with customers.

4 – Increased Loyalty Rate – After a great experience, the chances of your customer wanting to order again from your company increase considerably.

5 – Competitive Edge – The Company that offers to your customers an agile delivery service, either by its own means or by hiring third parties, has a great competitive edge in relation to its competitors.

6 – Possibility of serving an important slice of the market – Many companies do not have the patience to wait days or weeks to receive their orders, not to mention urgent cases, such as a delay in production due to lack of any component or raw material, for example. By offering Same Day Delivery Service, your company will be able to offer what your costumers are really looking for: agility and efficiency.

When your company needs any logistical service that Frex Logistics can offer, there is an initial filling in of a Registration Form.

Based on the information submitted, we will run an analysis and then return with the payment terms.

Initially it starts with the payment via bank transfer, but there is the possibility that a 30-day credit limit could be approved straight away.

A pallet is a flat structure that most of the time is made of wood and used to transport goods. For some types of industries the pallets are made of plastic, and is designed so that can move goods and giving stability to the item in transit.

The goods must always be placed in such a way that the entire pallet is completely secure, often using plastic film or straps. It is very important that the goods are always very well protected in order to ensure that they do not move during transport.

It is important that your company choose the correct pallet sizes when transporting your load across the United Kingdom. There are several reasons why this is an important decision to be made, goods are delivered every day and each shipment needs to be handled and adapted in the best possible way to be carried out successfully.

Knowing how to choose the correct pallet size for your shipment can also help you avoid any additional charges that may be incurred due to a vehicle order that is not suitable for your needs.

UK Standard Pallet:
WIDTH: 1000 MM
9 block with a full-perimeter base.
Weight 20-24kg

Weight 20-25kg
EUR 2:
WIDTH: 1000 MM
Weight 33kg

CHEP Pallet
Weight 28kg

ISO/GMA Pallet
LENGTH: 48″ (Inches)
WIDTH: 40″ (Inches)
HEIGHT: 6″ (Inches)
Standard wooden GMA pallet mainly used in North America.
Weight 33kg

Frex logistics has a wide variety of vehicles of the most diverse sizes according to your demand.

Below are our vehicles fleet with their respective technical transport capabilities:

In order to request a Same Day Delivery Service, it is very important that you know the dimensions of the load you wish to transport and the approximate weight.

If the load it is palletized, please inform us the number of pallets and the approximate total weight of the load.  If there is a need for more than one person to load or unload the vehicle, please let us know in advance.

You will also need the full pick-up and delivery details (with postcodes), phone numbers for both places – if you can also provide a phone number of the person receiving the load, it will help for any pickup / delivery issues.

Our company works only with dedicated vehicles for Same Day Delivery Services.

Therefore, in order to have an estimated cost, we will always need to know the complete delivery service details. This information is the Collection Postcode, Delivery Postcode, and Vehicle size.

With this information in hand, we will be able to present an estimated quote in a few minutes for you.

We always work to get the loads, and pallets, to their final destination on time, but we can’t guarantee that everything will happen according to plan.

We try to keep our vehicles under constant maintenance, but breakdowns and incidents can happen.

They can also get stuck in traffic jams and occasionally be affected by adverse weather conditions.

What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to keep you informed and that your load will be delivered as soon as possible.

Same Day Delivery Service is available whenever you need it, nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole United Kingdom.

Frex Logistics is ready to meet any logistical need your company may have to ship your load. We work around the clock to deliver your load safely and on time.

We can guarantee that we have vehicles ready to pick you order up across the United Kingdom with an average time of 1 hour from your enquiry.

We can provide tracking information once we have tracked vehicles on our fleet. Once the collection has been done, and it is in one of our tracked vehicles, we can inform the exact position of the load and the vehicle in real time.

Our company has contracted a goods in transit insurance that guarantees all loads transported by our tracked vehicles.

This way you can rest assured that your load will always be guaranteed and monitored throughout the final destination.

Three main risks can affect your goods in transit and are covered by our policy:

1. Damage or Destruction.
2. Loss.
3. Theft.

Pickups and deliveries can be made at any time of the day or night within an average of 1 hour of your enquiry throughout the whole United Kingdom.

Get in touch with us and we can arrange the booking of your job in advance so that we can be always prepared for unforeseen events that are beyond our control.

Whilst we have tried to cover any questions you may have, if there is anything further that perhaps we haven’t covered, please call us on 03333 – 442972 and you will be dealt with by one of our enthusiastic staff who will be happy to assist you.

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