Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage & Logistics for Commercial Goods & Services

Storing is one of the biggest logistical costs for a company. With that in mind, most companies have been looking for outsourced storage services.

We list below 4 reasons why your company should hire this kind of service with us:

  • Cost reduction: Investments in equipment for the proper functioning of the warehouse, such as pallet trucks, forklifts, and shelves are considered to be very high, in addition, we have the wages of the warehouse employees, which are also a fairly high monthly fixed expense that is absorbed by the warehouse company.
  • Safety and quality: Another important benefit for your company is that you will get a specialized team carrying out the entire storage process with greater agility and security. This will result in gains in efficiency and operational quality.
  • Specialized technology and greater control of information: Outsourced logistics companies usually offer modern inventory control systems that perform all the necessary management, from goods inflows and outflows. These software’s are very specific and usually demand a high initial investment, however, when the storage is outsourced, the contracted company dissolves this value among its customers.
  • Customers satisfaction: With the outsourcing of the service, both the receipt and shipment of goods are carried out more quickly and effectively, improving customer service. It is also possible to reduce complaints about wrong product shipments. As a result, the level of services provided will increase, gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Frex Logistics Courier Services

  • Same Day Delivery Service
  • 2 Person delivery service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Storage
  • Fast response & Professional Service
  • White Glove Service
  • Confidential Tender Delivery Service
  • Range of Vehicles, from small vans to 40ft artics units

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