Time Critical Delivery

Time Critical Delivery Service for Businesses

When a company needs to send or collect an order / product on an exact day and time and our “Same Day Delivery Service” is not fast enough you will find out that you must choose the “Time Critical Courier Service” for extreme situations.

In this service, our job is to ensure that our exclusive vehicles will always be in advance at the collection point requested, and we will load our vehicle as soon as possible and make the delivery straight away to guarantee the exactly urgent.

Usually, this type of service is scheduled when something unforeseen occurs and you must know that we are here operating 24/7 so that Frex Logistics it can be the solution to your company problem.

When it comes to the urgency of a “Time Critical Courier Service”, we can guarantee that our 18 years of experience are necessary to carry out the most challenging and urgent logistics projects.

This is what we call “Time Critical Courier Service”.

Frex Logistics Courier Services

  • Urgent Courier Service
  • Same day Delivery
  • 500 vehicles and partners spread across the UK
  • Warehouse Logistics and Storage
  • Pick and Pack
  • White Glove Service
  • Blind Tender Service
  • Confidential Tender Delivery Service
  • Fast & Reliable Service

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