Pick & Pack Service

Pick & Pack Service for Businesses

Pick and Pack is a standard service performed by many logistics companies and includes the collection and repackaging of goods to be delivered shortly thereafter.

This kind of service is a critical step in the order fulfillment process. First, all items in a customer’s order are collected (picked) from their storage locations. Next, the items are put in appropriate packaging (packed), ready for shipping to the customer.

The speed, skill, and accuracy of the process have a big impact on your customer experience. When orders arrive late, damaged, or containing the wrong items, your customers are less likely to recommend or buy from you again.

Save time and money by using Frex Logistics Pick and Pack Service.

Frex Logistics Courier Services

  • Same Day Delivery Service
  • 2 Person Delivery Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Storage
  • Fast response & Professional Service
  • White Glove Service
  • Confidential Tender Delivery Service
  • Range of Vehicles, from small vans to 40ft artics units

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