The impact of the coronavirus was a factor of major problems throughout the whole logistical supply chain. This means that the logistical obstacles will be different depending on the sector in which the wholesaler distributor operates.


While the global agribusiness and the food sector are likely to see growth in the coming months, sectors linked to goods considered non-essential will suffer more from the effects caused by the pandemic.


Regardless of which side you are on, effective planning and management at this time are essential to ensure that your company can meet the increased demand.


In the current scenario, we see that a complete short-term response means taking quick action across the entire end-to-end supply chain.

These actions should be taken in parallel with the steps to support and protect the workforce, as we will talk about below. They are:


– Create transparency in logistics by establishing a list of critical components, determining the source of supply, and identifying alternative sources;


– Estimate available stock along the chain, to keep the service running and enable delivery to customers;


– Assess realistic end-customer demand and respond to (or, where possible, contain) customer buying behavior;


– Optimise distribution capacity to ensure employee safety, such as by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and interacting with communications teams to share infection risk levels and home office options;


– Identify and protect logistical capacity, being flexible in the mode of transport when required;


– Manage data and indicators to understand where supply chain issues will start to have the greatest financial impact.


But how to achieve this? The first step is to take care of logistics for sure and we are here to help.


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