Logistics emerged during the Great Wars and only after the Second World War did Logistics start to be seen as an activity of great importance in companies.

Let’s talk a little more about this.

Every old war movie at some point shows the exact moment that the commander of the operation explains the best strategy for attack. In real life as in movies, a major part of this planning is finding reliable ways to transport and store food and equipment. All this talk is pure logistics! It was during periods of war that logistics emerged.

During these conflicts, the great armies needed to guarantee the continued supply of weapons and supplies, in addition of course, to ensuring the swift placement of troops.

At that time, there were people responsible for tracing each path, so that the army could pass through safe areas, with ideal temperatures, available water and several other conditions that would help the soldiers’ survival.

After the Great Wars , logistics moved from war to business. The physical distribution of products started with a focus on outbound activity. Order fulfillment, product distribution, warehousing and storage, production planning and customer service are currently important aspects of the logistics process.

An entire industry was born from what started as a way to move products from point A to point B. Many companies now rely on outsourcing for some or all of their supply chain management activities, resulting in the development of outsourced logistics companies for transportation efficiency and tracking of goods.

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