It is likely that nowadays everyone knows that the concern about the environment and global warming is increasing. With this in mind, several companies are seeking to adopt measures to reduce the environmental impact in all sectors of production. And that is where the idea of ​​logistics with less environmental impacts comes in.

It is still new to many, but sustainable logistics is already dominating logistics in the world. Companies like Coca-Cola, Dow, Heineken, HP, and Unilever are betting on a series of sustainable practices in the transportation of their cargo.

There are large companies that invest considerable resources to build an ecological image. This attitude integrates their production process and creates an important recycling flow for their boxes, as well as seeking to reduce the use of plastic with the sale of more economical refills and packaging.

Your company is also capable of being environmentally friendly. Want to know how? Continue reading this article and always count on the Frex Logistics team of executives to help your company in this transition to a more sustainable logistics process.

In addition to the obvious theme of environmental preservation, sustainability ends up touching on another point that many institutions end up forgetting: efficiency.

Sustainable programs seek to bring improvements to the entire logistics cycle, which ends up generating more intelligence in operations and consequent cost reduction.

The creation of sustainable policies must be effectively inserted in the strategic planning of organizations and integrated into their organizational culture to obtain better results.

In addition to the economic and commercial aspects, sustainability contributes to the expansion of more conscious ventures, as is the case with the role played by sustainable logistics in carriers.

Implementing sustainable logistics in your company is to build a healthy relationship with nature and generate a positive impact on society, which allows for a positive corporate image.

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