As is well known, all sectors face a challenge as the virus spreads across the globe. With Logistics and Transport, it was no different. This sector it has been directly impacted, however, it had to recover quickly. After all, transport represents an essential activity for the whole of society.

In a scenario of a global crisis, industries and carriers are having to reinvent themselves in order not to be shaken by the pandemic. New prevention and care processes were implemented within the transport activity, both in dispatch and delivery.

As we all know the logistics are and will continue, working to guarantee the Supply Chain. All modes of transport continue to function in order to ensure mobility and access to the necessary supplies for the population. All road, rail, and Port activities are taking place normally and agreements have been made so that there is no obstruction to allow the Global Industry to continue in full operation.

Thus, the structures that make transport possible are being rethought to meet the demands and priorities of a society affected by sometimes deadly virus. Logistics during the pandemic cannot stop and companies need to bet on solutions that facilitate operations without putting the health of customers and employees at risk.

Therefore, to get around the coronavirus crisis and not lose market space, as well as continue to provide and move resources, Logistics in the pandemic need to adapt to the companies needs. The scenario is complex and new, solutions are still appearing and, following the guidelines of the health authorities, we can overcome another crisis.

Here at Frex Logistics we are doing our part and we continue to work following all possible safety and hygiene protocols.

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