How can Urban logistics and technology be directly linked to the benefit of your company?

Technology is “invading” the decision-making processes of logistics operations managers. In a combination of reduced data capture and storage costs and increased processing capacity, it is becoming increasingly clear that the sky is the limit … or is it that, with the cloud, even this limit is being exceeded?

It is perceived today that the difficulty is not having access to technology, but how to use it in favor of more efficient and effective businesses. The options are diverse, the quality of the offers is variable and the knowledge in this area is still new, bringing yet another challenge to the manager: how to effectively make use of this new revolution on a daily basis.

There is also a great evolution in the medium and long-distance routes, not only with more efficient trackers but also with the use of sensors (telemetry), direct and dynamic communication with drivers, sharing of cargo position with customers and receivers. This growing number of drivers and vehicles ends up managing transport needs in urban areas is having a strong impact on the quality of life in cities and directly on people’s daily lives.

Clearly define what the proposed solutions need to focus on:

  • Increasing energy efficiency, to therefore improve the sustainability and livability of cities
  • Improving the reliability of systems, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing safety and security, reducing the risk of road injuries and fatalities

Implementing robust data analytics processes is a priority if the company and (mainly) its employees are already working with a digital mindset.

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