Do you still need a reason to use a Same Day Delivery Service for your business?

Managing a business that involves the delivery of the goods you manufacture to your customers is not an easy task. We always need to be prepared for unexpected inconveniences that may directly impact your logistics structure, so that your products are not delivered on time. With this in mind, to ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition, it is crucial to have a reliable logistics partner so that you always have the option of Same Day Delivery Service.

Fortunately, these days it is possible to ensure you can have your products delivered on the same day as your collection without overpaying while reaping some important benefits. So if that’s what your company needs, we at Frex Logistics can give you some good reasons why using a Same Day Delivery Service will greatly improve the logistics of your business.


With the great competitiveness that exists today in all types of industries, being able to offer more agility, comfort and convenience will make your company ahead of your competitors. This type of Same Day Delivery Service provides your business and customers with the convenience of 24/7 service, 365 days a year to ensure that their orders are always collected and delivered on time. The main benefits of Frex Logistics’ Same Day Delivery Service are:

– Satellite tracking vehicles in real-time.

– Online booking through our website or with our sales team.

– We can now provide everything from small vans to 40 ft Artic units.

With our Same Day Pallet Delivery Service we aim to collect your goods within an hour of receiving your instruction or at a time to suit you!  We then ensure your consignment reaches its destination directly from A to B, in a dedicated vehicle, on the same day.

This means that whether your company has a Same Day Delivery Service or has received a last-minute order from an important customer, Frex Logistics can handle your request professionally, safely, and with complete transparency.


In order to better manage your company and satisfy your customers’ needs, it is essential to be flexible according to each situation. Retaining customers and increasing their loyalty to your company is something that the Same Day Delivery Service can do and it can be a great differentiator against the competition.

For example, if your company needs to ship a high-value product, you can easily schedule this type of Same Day Delivery Service and rest assured that we will do the job in the best way and knowing even if you need a “Two Person Delivery Service”.

Fair and upfront pricing.

After understanding a little more about this type of service that we provide and its benefits, you may imagine that the cost is relatively high. In fact, we can tell you that you will be surprised to discover that all the services we provide, and specifically the Same Day Delivery Service, are actually affordable and save you considerable time and money.

Customer loyalty.

The convenience of booking online for Same Day Delivery Service is a great advantage for your deliveries being made with greater speed and opens up great self-service possibilities for you, such as online reporting and 30-day billing. For specific situations where privacy and security are of the utmost importance, such as legal documents, we also offer a service called “Confidential Tender Delivery Service“.

So we believe that there are plenty of reasons for you and your company to contact us and allow us to help you develop a logistic structure tailored to your needs.

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