Today we would like to present one of the great success cases of customized logistics solutions that we have been able to participate in since the beginning of this company.

Divan Bed Warehouse is a customer that has a logistics operation throughout the United Kingdom and that we had the opportunity to work together according to the company’s logistics needs.

Within the large number of customers that we have here at Frex Logistics we are pleased to be a major part of the success story.

The Divan Bed Warehouse is an e-commerce company that has been operating and growing daily in the manufacture, supply, and delivery of beds and mattresses, and stands out in this field for the high quality of its manufactured products, customer service, and speed of delivery.

Frex Logistics operates throughout the logistics part of the operation, starting with the storage of finished products in our warehouse to deciding the most suitable vehicle for each route so that the products arrive on time being delivered following the highest levels of expectation, such as:

  • Meeting deadlines for collection and shipment;
  • Transit time within the stipulated period, with no delays;
  • Safe transport so that the consignments remain static during the journey to the customer ensuring no damage.
  • Smart, polite, and courteous 2-man delivery teams delivering to the room of choice.

The requirements mentioned above are of great importance to the Divan Bed Warehouse so that all products sold by them will arrive in perfect condition every time.

When arriving at the customer, our drivers and associates deliver the products purchased within the strictest hygiene protocols and with the use of appropriate PPE to a room of choice.

At Frex Logistics, our promise is to work with clients ensuring we deliver logistics operations that fulfil all any and all requirements, from load safety to achieving deadlines and pre, during, and after shipment operations to customer led systems.

You can count on us to work with you to help create the exact solution to your company’s transport requirements. Contact Us.