2 Person Delivery Service

2 Person Delivery Service

A 2 Person delivery service is just one of the varied options we offer here at Frex Logistics. It is a tailor-made solution designed to deliver items that are too large, heavy, fragile or generally more difficult to be delivered by one person.

2 Person Delivery & Covid-19 
Given the current situation with Covid-19, most 2 man transport providers only offer a service delivering to the entrance of a residential address, however here at Frex, we offer a “room of choice” service. We deliver within the premises taking the items up a maximum of 2 flights of stairs, by our fully trained driver/drivers mates, wearing full PPE to keep themselves and your customers safe.

Customer Service
Our 2 Person Delivery Service has proven to reduce claims and returns for damage during transport or delivery. When you contract our 2 Person Delivery Service, you can rest assured your items will be delivered undamaged and on time by drivers dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

We look forward to providing you with a tailored quotation to suit the type of delivery of your products and customers requirements.

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Our company was born about 20 years ago working with courier services for Jaguar / Land Rover. During this period we developed an expert knowledge of this market and now we can offer the most diverse types of logistic services; from small to large companies with vehicles of the most different sizes.

We have many vehicles that run the Same Day Delivery Service and 2 Man Delivery services across the UK with over 25 routes daily.

The 2 Person Delivery Service is a type of service provided to Businesses (B2B), and Customers (B2C), who need to carry out some form of logistical movement of either a large delicate item or a palletised fragile load so that the item is transported with due care and delivered safely.

The biggest advantage of this type of service is certainly the care with which the load, or item, is handled so that instead of the item simply being left at the customer’s door, or warehouse, it can be left, for example, in any living room or bedroom the customer wishes.

We can always consider for this type of service a vehicle that will need to have the adequate capacity and size to meet the real need of size and weight that the client may require.

The vehicles will always have two people that can carefully do the pick-up and delivery of the item, or load, and will always be prepared with the necessary equipment for each contracted job, such as straps, ropes and blankets as standard items.

We can indeed consider this as an option for moving home furniture.

Always this alternative of 2 people delivering ends up being an interesting option because you will be sure that your request will be carried out with exclusivity and with more care than a common delivery considering mainly if there is the need to disassemble and assemble items of greater monetary value.

Yes. No matter what size your company is we can certainly meet your 2 person delivery service enquiry.

We can also develop a logistics project if there is a weekly or monthly delivery requirement so that we can be your exclusive logistics partner and distribute your products throughout the United Kingdom.

We can also develop a logistics project if there is a weekly or monthly delivery requirement so that we can be your exclusive logistics partner and distribute your products throughout the UK.

Like any other service that our company performs, it is always important to receive the enquiry in advance from the customer because with all the correct collection and delivery details, so that we can use this information to study the best way to make the delivery following all the security protocols and deadlines contracted by the customer.

After understanding the service to be hired we can make a commercial proposal informing the days and times that we can perform the service respecting the availability of the customer.

There are no pre-defined times or dates since this type of service is done on the customer’s demand.

The prices for this type of service are always calculated according to the client’s needs because several possibilities can change considerably the cost of the service.

We can say that the size of the vehicle and the distance travelled between the collection and delivery point are the details that will determine the cost of the service contract.

Yes.  Our vehicles are always insured so that all the goods and products that we transport under our responsibility are always insured.

There is also the possibility of knowing in “real-time” the location of your load since the vast majority of our vehicles are tracked by satellite.

All details received through our website will be analysed by our team of specialists and as soon as possible we will contact you so that we can align the information received with a job proposal.

When your company needs any logistical service that Frex Logistics can offer, there is an initial filling in of a Registration Form.

Based on the information submitted, we will run an analysis and then return with the payment terms.

Initially, it starts with the payment via bank transfer, but there is the possibility that a 30-day credit limit could be approved straight away.

2 Person Delivery Service is available whenever you need it, nationwide and 7 days a week throughout the whole United Kingdom.

Frex Logistics is ready to meet any logistical need your company may have to ship your load. We work around the clock to deliver your load safely and on time.

We can guarantee that we have vehicles ready to pick your order up across the United Kingdom with an average time of 1 hour from your enquiry.

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